Blueberry Patch  (ブルーベリーの紅葉)

ブルーベリー王国(Blueberry Kingdom)でご紹介した、Vector Charleyさんのブルーベリー紅葉の投稿記事を引用(reblog)します。きれいでしょう! –  I never knew that blueberries have fall colors.  Just beautiful!

About tukusigal

もう長いことミシガンに住んでいる日本人オバさんの、自分なり、それなりのミシガン湖地方見聞記でーす。I am a long-time resident of Michigan. I am here forever. A middle-age Japanese woman. I love Imari porcelain, so my profile photo is an Imari vase which I bought in Imari, Saga, Kyushu, Japan. When I retire (when...?), I reveal my photo - but by then I may be too wrinkled (lo).
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