ミシガンのナパバレー、コロマ – その2 – ミシガンワイン   Michigan’s Napa Valley, Coloma – Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail, Contessa Winery


そこに、Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail というワイントレイルがある。そのひとつの町、コロマ (Coloma, Michigan) を「中西部のナパバレー」と呼ぶ声もある。うーむ。。。


Karma Vista Vineyards & Winery

Contessa Wine Cellars

Karma Vista は「コロマその1」編でご紹介したので、今度はContessa Wine Cellarsについて。

Southwestern Michigan produces lots of wine.

There is a wine trail in southwestern Michigan called Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail.  In the wine trail, there is a beautiful, hilly town named Coloma.  Some people call Coloma Napa Valley of Midwest (!)   Early October, I visited two of the three wineries in Coloma, Karma Vista Vineyards & Winery and Contessa Wine Cellars.  I wrote about Karma Vista in the other post, so I will write about Contessa this time.

I-94を exit 39 で下り、南側に進むと、すぐにコンテッサ ワインセラー(Contessa Wine Cellar)が左手にある。

写真の青い、ブドウのサインは、Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail のロゴマークみたいなもの。

Take I-94, exit at 39, and head south.  You will find Contessa Wine Cellar very soon on the left side.

The blue sign with a picture of grapes is like a logo for Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail.


The signs are kind of tucked inside, so it is easy to miss it.  I missed it as this was my first visit.  I went too far and had to turn around.

「Cheers (乾杯)」だって。


「Free Tasting」とあるから、ちょびちょびといろんなワインを試飲して、何も買わずに帰ってもいいのかな?

Cheers!   My heart starts throbbing.  Does ‘Free Tasting’ mean we can just taste this wine and that and not buy anything?


右手の小高い丘の上にあるお家がコンテッサ ワインセラー(Contessa Wine Cellar)

Many visitors as it was Sunday.

The house on the top of the hill is COntessa Wine Cellar.

手前にこのワインセラーのブドウ畑 (vineyard) が。

There is a small vineyard – must be this wine cellar’s.



People are enjoying in the terrace.  They boast this terrace is European-style and reminiscent to that in an Italian villa.

駐車場まで上りきったところ。このColoma という町は、こういう丘陵がたくさんあって(very hilly)、とても美しい。いかにも土地が肥沃な感じがする。Coloma Valleyと呼ぶ人もいるようだ(ナパバレーのマネだなあ)。

The parking lots next to the house, at the top of the hill.  You can see how hilly Coloma is – a beautiful town. Looks like the soil here is very fertile.  They call this area Coloma Valley – this must be a copy of Napa Valley.




The signs in the parking area are funny.  Many Americans have good sense of humors.



This tiny vineyard must be serving as tourist attraction.


Like scarecrows on rice paddies, an owl doll is protecting the grapevines.


There is another of this sign in their backyard.




壁にかかっている絵の女の人が、このワインセラーのトレードマークのようなもの。この人は誰? 聞くのを忘れてしまった。

ウエブサイトのどこかで、この絵とそっくりの女性の写真を見たので、たぶんオーナーの奥様ではないかと思う。コンテッサ(Contessa) ってのは、この女性の名前かな。


Inside the cellars.  People are enjoying wine at the counter on the left.  Very nice interior.  Who is that woman in the framed picture on the wall?  She is on the labels of many of their wine.  I forgot to ask them who she is.  I suspect she is the wife of the owner, because I saw a lady in a website linked to this wine cellars who looks just like the picture.  Her name must be Contessa.  I read this wine cellars is family-owned and the current owner is the 3rd generation.






There is another counter for tasting on the right side.  I told the guy I like semi-dry to dry.  The guy showed me a list with the price range of under $10 to around $30.  I tasted a little bit of each of under $10 and $18.  The $18 one tasted way better – no surprise.  I planned to buy one bottle of under $18, but ended up spending $18…Exceeded my budget again…




They also sell their wine in this region only (I never see these in any store near I live), which makes me feel like buying a lot – refrain myself!

They don’t take orders online, but if you call them, they will ship you if not a small quantity.


They also purchase grapes from the farmers in the Lake Michigan shore areas.  Their own vineyards do not supply enough.  They purchase only grapes grown in Michigan, so they can say their wine is pure 100% Michigan wine.

外には1階、2階ともにバルコニーがある。ここで、美しいNapa Valley、じゃなかった、Coloma Valley を眺めながらワインを楽しめる。 Life is good !!

Terrace on the 1st and the 2nd floor.  Enjoy wine looking at the beautiful Napa Valley, I mean, Coloma Valley.


People enjoying strolling around the vineyards after wine tasting and shopping.

私が購入した赤ワイン – Rosa d’amore(税込みで18ドル)



I bought this one – Rosa d’Amore ($18 including sales tax)

The label with the picture of a Mediterranean voluptuous lady is very eye-catching.

ミシガン湖地方ワイントレイル (Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail)の地図

(source: Michigan Wine Country by Michigan Grape & Wine Industry Council)

コンテッサワインセラー (Contessa Wine Cellarの)場所は、

3235 Friday Road, Coloma, MI 49038 (上の地図の赤の番号8)。



営業:12 pm- 5 pm


They are the red number #8 in the map above.  Open 12pm – 5pm every day.

Colomaのもうひとつのワイナリー、カルマビスタ(Karma Vista)についてまだ読んでない方は、そちらも読んでくださいね。 これまた美しいワイナリーです!

If you have not read my post about the other winery in Coloma, Karma Vista, please check it out!   It’s another beautiful, picturesque winery.


ところで、思うに、ミシガンの南西部はひと昔前のアメリカ的な雰囲気が今でも濃厚なので(この意味、いろんな意味に取れるのだが)、日本人が大きなグループで行って、大きな声で日本語でしゃべるのは、多分あまりしない方がよさそう。(これは日本人に限らず、外国人が外国語で、と言い直した方がよい) できるだけ、米国の空気に溶け込むような雰囲気で行きましょう。

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  1. tukusigal says:

    ワイン、感謝祭に飲みました。とてもまろやかで美味。家族全員から大好評。ミシガンワイン、悪くないね!  We opened the bottle on Thanksgiving dinner. Very tasty – mild, deep, and full flavor. All of my family members liked it. Two thumbs up. Michigan wine is not bad at all !!!

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